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December 2014


2014: Premises of a new chapter

2:45 AM. Weird time to write a blog post? I know. I actually am quite inspired when I am awake past midnight. Maybe the inspired part of my brain is the delusional one that only comes out at night I guess… Anyways!
As the end of the year approaches, we see all kinds of Top 10 lists and Best Ofs whether it’s on TV or on the internet. I really enjoy watching and reading them so it inspired me to do my own retrospective on 2014. (Be sure to check out my next article which will be dedicated to my 2014 beauty and lifestyle favorites!)

A defining moment

2014 was clearly a defining moment in my life. I graduated in April and said goodbye to my (wild and reckless) college years – well, at least for now. I thought it was an important step for me to look at this whole year and reflect. I closed the chapter of my teenage years, said goodbye to some dear friends and finally entered the “adult world”, without being one yet. Work, routine, fear, and even loneliness sometimes. Life changed and dragged me with it but I guess I was not prepared for that sudden turn of events.

I started working not so long after graduation and I was quite relieved because I love it and I wouldn’t have to experience that fear of the unknown. I wouldn’t have to answer that horrible question adults always love to ask you: “So, what’s next ?


With all those changes I experienced, I finally got that time to think about what I really want. It helped me define my life goals and projects, and I feel like I know myself better. I came across old blog posts and stories I wrote a long time ago and I found this one note I made for myself, asking for a retrospective on the changes in my life and within myself. I won’t go into details, but  I highly encourage anyone who wants to do it. Sometimes it hurts to think about the past and those old (good or bad) memories, but you need to be in harmony and peace with yourself to go forward.

I was looking for some answers for a few years but now it all seem so far away in my head. I have finally come to terms with my past and I am ready to start that new chapter.
New projects, new blog, new apartment, new job, new life. 2015, here we go!


Take the leap.

Well, hello! I officially welcome you to my very own blog, The Mint Sorbet! This blog is all about sharing my thoughts, my love and hate relationships with the world, but especially with beauty products and food. Yes, The Mint Sorbet is about bringing my passions together: food, beauty, and writing! On this beauty and food blog, I will show you my favorite recipes, places to eat in Montreal, and also my beauty reviews, tips and tricks.

For those who may not know, writing your first blog post could be a real nightmare! What do I say? What do I show? What am I doing? I want to say so many things but I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I’ll start with myself!

Who am I?

Well, that’s a secret I’ll never tell. xoxo…. OK, that one was cheesy. (Gossip Girl fans…)
Long story short, I am an island girl who got lost in the Great big cold of Montreal, Canada, after exploring the world from continent to continent. I developed this passion for beauty and cosmetics when I first came to Montreal and stumbled across the Chanel counter at Ogilvy. Pure beauty. And this passion never left me. What about the foodie in me? Well, I’ve always been a fan of good food and grande cuisine, and having the chance to discover new countries and cultures actually helped me develop my culinary creativity.

I never thought I would go back to blogging after all these years but here I am! Starting a new adventure. How did this happen? I took a chance, I guess. Don’t even know where I found the courage but hey, I finally did it!

All that being said, I’m looking forwards to sharing all my beauty discoveries and my own recipes with you.

That is all! (For the moment…) First blog post: Check!