Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette – Review and Swatches

Semi sweet chocolate bar Too Faced

I wanted to get my hands on the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette by Too Faced since the minute I saw this post on their Instagram account. I already own the first Chocolate Bar palette and I’m still very pleased with it but look at the gorgeousness of this one! Here is an in-depth review with swatches of the palette.I ordered it on Sephora thanks to the VIB exclusive early access. I would’ve been so sad if it were sold out! (aaand I couldn’t wait). The palette is now available to everyone on Sephora’s website here for 59CAD.







About the Packaging

This beautiful palette looks and smells like a real milk chocolate bar, just like the first one (which reminds me more of a dark chocolate bar though… hehe). It looked so yummy I actually had to eat some chocolate to stop these sweet cravings.

Anyways, the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette from Too Faced is quite sleek compared to the first palette, but I recently discovered that they actually updated the packaging of the original Chocolate Bar palette to make it sleeker.

I didn’t really mind the thickness of the first one but I enjoy that new format for traveling and it is also magnetic. Very very practical!

Another plus compared to the first palette: the names of the eyeshadows are written ON the palette directly and not on a plastic sheet that sits on top of the colors like they did for the first one. I don’t even know where I put mine…

The palette contains 16 eyeshadows, 14 of 0.03 oz and 2 of 0.07 oz. There are 7 matte shades and 9 shimmer shades. The colors are quite neutral but more on the warm side compared to the first palette, except for Blueberry Swirl which is a gorgeous blueberry color (obviously) with tiny shimmers in it. I actually enjoy the color selection in this palette because I have more options that will match perfectly with my skin tone.



(from left to right, starting at the top)
Licorice (matte) is a black eyeshadow. It is a very dark black not a charcoal black, which is great because you always need a black in an eyeshadow palette.
Coconut crème (matte) is a beige with yellow undertones. This color actually reminds me of a crème brûlée (hmmm, crème brûlée…) as it is a rich warm beige. It is perfect for highlighting in the inner corner or on the brow bone.
Nougat (matte) is a very light dusty peach with pinkish undertones. This color changes with the lighting as it looks like a light baby pink with natural light, and it looks warmer with artificial light. It could be a decent blush color for the winter season though, if it weren’t that small in the pan.
Truffled (matte) is a simple cool brown that can look like a taupe depending on the lighting again.
Hot Fudge (satin) is a cool toned dark chocolate brown color with a satin finish and a hint of purple.
Cocoa Chilli (shimmer) is a cool brown with shimmers. It also has that hint of purple like Hot Fudge but I would say that Cocoa Chilli is the shimmery version and Hot Fudge the satin one.- Pink Sugar (shimmer) is a light baby pink. It is much lighter than Nougat.
Puddin’ (matte) is a taupe brown and it is greyer that Truffled. I could definitely use this color for a light smokey eye look.
Blueberry Swirl (satin) is a petroleum blue with silver blue shimmers. It is actually lighter that in looks in the pan.
Peanut Butter (matte) is a brown with reddish undertones that add that terracotta warmth to the shade.
Frosting (satin) is a bronze metallic brown. The satin finish for this shade is just so gorgeous!
Rum Raisin (satin) is a light taupe with a metallic finish.
Mousse (matte) is a very light milk chocolate color that is great to put all over my lids. For lighter skin tones, it could also be a nice crease color to create a natural shadow and add depth to the eye.
Caramel (satin) is a beautiful warm gold.
Bon Bon (satin) is the perfect rose gold color. It is very similar to Caramel in the pan but Bon Bon has some pink champagne in it which makes the difference.
Butter Pecan (satin) is the second highlight color in this palette (with Coconut Crème). It is a very light golden peach.

Swatches1Licorice, Hot Fudge, Truffled, Nougat, Coconut Crème

Cocoa Chilli, Pink Sugar, Puddin’, Blueberry Swirl, Peanut Butter, Frosting
Rum Raisin, Mousse, Caramel, Bon Bon, Butter Pecan

Overall review

Packaging: gorgeous. Practical. What else can I say? Oh yeah. It looks so yummy!
Application: the eyeshadows are very smooth to apply and I enjoyed swatching them. I was also very impressed because they are not chalky at all, which means no annoying residue after apply your makeup! My palette was still “clean” when I finished using it.
Pigmentation: the shades are very pigmented but also buildable and easy to blend  so it is perfect for a day to night eye look for example. They are true to the colors in the pan in my opinion. However, I would like to note that I separated satin shades from shimmer ones and that I am not really into shimmer eyeshadows usually (I hate them actually because they always are the chalky ones in palettes). I generally prefer the satin finish which is more subtle but I think that the shimmer shades in this palette are beautiful and I could wear them for a night out look or a smokey eye.
Overall: I’m extremely happy and satisfied with this palette and I definitely recommend it to all you neutral palette lovers out there! I think this could also be a great Christmas gift for someone who started wearing makeup and is now experimenting a little more, as the color selection is quite interesting on the warmer and darker side. I don’t know which Chocolate Bar palette I prefer yet but I might do an article to compare the shades later on.

Disclaimer: Thoughts and opinions expressed are always honest. I purchased everything featured in this post myself. Links above are not affiliate links.

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    Nice Post. I haven’t decided if I like this palette, or the original one better. They both have such beautiful colors. I like that the highlighter shades are bigger than the rest.

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      Thanks Kelly! I agree they’re both beautiful. It’s so hard to decide!

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